Focus areas
Civic Tech
Activating community engagement and building solutions for resilient cities.
From community engagement to product design, BFI uses a range of practices to empower residents and city officials in increasing civic participation and building resilient cities.
Project: 311SA
The Better Futures Institute, in collaboration with San Antonio's 311 department, empowers the city's 1.5 million residents via the 311SA mobile app. Originally designed by Irys Technologies Inc., the 311SA app enables residents to create service requests while providing the 311 Department with actionable data to enhance services. It fosters citizen participation, streamlines city-resident communication, closes the feedback loop, and bolsters efficiency, accountability, and transparency. Now in its fifth year, the continually evolving 311SA app is a crucial instrument in enriching San Antonio's quality of life, demonstrating BFI's dedication to leveraging advanced technology to better communities.