Focus areas
Enhancing policy focused on socioeconomic development and urban transformation in South Texas.
Better Futures Institute research focuses on the concept of the “South Texas Triangle”. We formulated a theory of change on the urban and socioeconomic evolution of the megaregion we define as the “South Texas Triangle”, which encompasses San Antonio, South Texas, and North Mexico. We believe the unique strategic position of our region can impact the direction of America, placing us at the edge of the future.
Enduring inequalities have left generations in San Antonio and South Texas culturally impoverished. Issues such as income segregation and uneven economic and urban growth can stifle the potential of communities throughout South Texas. As San Antonio expands northward, forging connections with Austin and the thriving Texas Triangle megaregion of over 18 million people, addressing social and urban disparities in the underdeveloped South becomes equally vital.
BFI employs a multidisciplinary approach and a mix of tools integrating research, product design, and multimedia storytelling for producing a range of outputs. We closely observe the ongoing urban and demographic transformation within the South Texas Triangle to produce deep dives, reports and brief explainers to inform policy. In collaboration with our partner network including academic institutions, practitioners, journalists and independent scholars, our goal is to advance research on the concept of the “South Texas Triangle”

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South Texas Triangle

In partnership with the Express-News Opinion team, we've initiated an Op-Ed series to share key industrial insights forward trajectory. These commentaries explore regional trends like near-shoring and the future of jobs through an innovative approach for shaping public.