Transforming Community Engagement

City Shaper by the Better Futures Institute is a solution engineered to redefine how cities and organizations engage with their communities. It acts as a centralized hub for gathering feedback, disseminating information, and streamlining data-driven decision-making.

Community-Centric Approach

It optimizes collaboration based on community insights. It promotes informed decision-making through easy access to relevant data and closes the engagement loop between stakeholders.

Trusted worldwide

City Shaper facilitates communication and analytics, fostering the development of sustainable cities and resilient communities. It’s a technology to shape shared spaces and contribute to better futures.

key features
City Shaper's key features
The technology is scalable, allows integration with other platforms, and each feature is designed to ensure a user-friendly experience.

feedback provision

Empowering STEAM leaders via internships & fellowships. BFI fuels practical skills for emerging talents.

Survey Conduction

Studying South Texas Triangle's urban evolution & socioeconomic growth. A transformative research venture

Performance Graphs Creation

BFI empowers through community engagement & design tools for resilient cities. Strengthening civic participation


Join us on this journey towards sustainable urban transformation. Use BFI’s City Shaper in your city.

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