BFI Fellowship Program
Encouraging talented individuals to advance their research in the areas of data science, public policy, demographics, digital art, creative industries, and economic development.
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Applications open through
November 30, 2023
At Better Futures Institute, we believe in the transformative power of individuals' capacity to tackle complex urban and societal issues using innovative approaches. We value risk-taking, creativity, and the pursuit of equality.
We also appreciate that fostering individual innovation requires an environment of support and freedom—enabling people to follow their inventive instincts, venture into the unknown, make bold strides, and explore uncharted territories.
Through the Better Features Fellowship, we support visionary individuals to advance intellectual, creative, and professional pursuits in line with BFI's strategic areas of focus. Each Fellow’s efforts and projects enhance public understanding of these areas, carving out innovative solutions for progress and contemplating the future of cities and communities in the region.
The Better Features Fellowship provides one year of direct support to remarkable individuals, empowering them to advance new and innovative approaches to improve the 311SA App, continue research about the South Texas Triangle, and enhance community impact through storytelling in the Better Futures Series. Using available resources and data, fellows conduct research, design solutions, and build applications that are implemented to improve ongoing Better Futures Institute projects. By collaborating with industry experts and program stakeholders, fellows turn insights into policy recommendations and other creative outputs such as briefs, reports, and publications.

With minimal ongoing programming, Fellows have the freedom to expand their current work while contributing to the BFI’s focus areas. BFI works closely with Fellows to amplify the reach and impact of their work, ensuring it creates a lasting positive change.
Who can apply?
Accomplished researchers, scholars, artists, technologists, and entrepreneurs who possess a proven track record of excellence and originality in their work. We welcome applicants with a strong commitment to urban studies, social sciences, creative industries, humanities, and economic development, as well as technical expertise in data science, software development, and product design.