BFI Internship Program
The Civic Tech Scholars internship program empowers emerging leaders in STEAM fields with practical skills and knowledge through real life social impact projects and a robust network of mentors.
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November 30, 2023
An internship program deeply invested in cultivating the leaders of tomorrow. Our experiential learning program is designed not just to impart skills, but to inspire a commitment to social impact. We empower our Civic Tech Scholars by providing them with the tools they need to excel in their chosen fields and to drive meaningful change in their communities.
The Civic Tech Scholars internship program provides a unique opportunity to engage with the convergence of data science, software development, policy design, and community research. Through this program, participants explore how digital systems multiply across the urban landscape to learn how data can help inform how we manage and plan cities.
Social Impact Programing
Participants during the spring or fall programs have the unique opportunity to work on the 311SA App, South Texas Triangle research, and the Better Futures Series. This enables them to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations, honing abilities to tackle complex challenges and implement solutions in the real world. The program's emphasis on social impact and urban challenges ensures the development of a keen sense of responsibility toward building sustainable, equitable, and resilient communities.

By engaging in community research, interns develop a deep understanding of the unique challenges and needs of different populations, enabling them to contribute meaningfully to the creation of sustainable and equitable solutions.
Mentorship and Guidance
The Civic Tech Scholars program emphasizes knowledge exchange and collaboration with community entrepreneurs, scholars, designers, and professionals. By harnessing the expertise of these diverse stakeholders, we create a dynamic learning environment where interns are exposed to a wide array of perspectives and innovative approaches. Mentors from various backgrounds guide and support the interns throughout their journey, offering insights and guidance that contribute to their personal and professional growth.
Networking Opportunities
BFI has partnerships with local, regional, and national organizations and academic institutions. By participating at a range of events, interns connect with a diverse network of professionals, including fellow interns, industry leaders, and potential mentors. This allows to establish a professional network and open doors for future career opportunities.
Alumni Community
The Better Futures Institute fosters professional and personal growth by inviting every intern into our Alumni community. Alongside gaining lifelong connections, our alumni also benefit from a wide array of career development and workforce training initiatives, making their experience at BFI a stepping stone to long-term success.
At the Better Futures Institute (BFI), we believe every young person deserves high-quality, paid internship experiences. Every intern associated with BFI receives fair compensation for their dedication and contributions throughout each program